Rabbit in Hat paper Tear # 7

Rabbit-Hat-Paper-TearEffect : The Magician shows two pieces of colored Tissue paper colored black and white.. These are placed together and torn into several smaller pieces. The torn pieces are crumpled together, and when opened out, have magically transformed into a magicians Top Hat.

But the Hat is colored Black. What happened to the White Tissue ?

The magician reaches into the Hat and produces a Rabbit in white … a fitting climax to the popular paper tear effects.

We supply you 7 sets of the item, ready to work. Each set can be used once. 

Please note that this is a custom made item for a reputed foreign dealer, and we have just a few surplus sets available. Available on a first come first serve basis while they last.
Please order early if interested. We have offered them at a special low price, just for this surplus stock.
No additional dealer discounts are available for this item.

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