Psychokinetic Bolt – RC Model

PK-Bolt-RC-ModelThis is possibly our best close-up item, – an effect that looks and works like real magic. The performer displays a nut and bolt, which can be thoroughly examined by the audience. This is placed isolated on the close-up case, and the bolt visibly un-threads off the nut. The effect is most uncanny. The spectator may himself pick up the nut and bolt off the case, and examine them. The effect can be repeated as often as you like. You can even work it in reverse, having the bolt thread into the nut instead of threading out of it.
Credit for the working principle of this effect goes to Magician Vaskar Roy Chowdhury of Calcutta. First introduced by us in 1990, this has been marketed by us in various models, and like all good magic, inspired some unauthorized imitations. The mechanics of this latest model are now built into a portable “card case”, concealed in an attractive close-up case, with a velvet top which serves as a close-up mat. You can carry your other close-up items in the case, and perform them on this case, followed by the miracle effect for the climax.
This is our fourth model of this item, improved over the years, and  now remote controlled and completely under performer’s command. Although the power unit responsible for the animation is concealed in the case, you may place it elsewhere – (under a table or bar counter for example). The actual operation is now by a remote button, so you can operate it as and when you wish, from any  distance involved under practical performing conditions.
Without a doubt one of the cleverest and most impressive tricks, this comes to you complete with all requirements and photo illustrated instructions. Not cheap, but excellent value for the professional performer.

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