Psychic Spectrum

Psychic-SpectrumThe creation of Chris Wardle of UK, this is a simple and colorful prediction effect, where the performer “predicts” one of seven “freely selected” colors.
Effect : The performer displays a playing card with a “?” in a black circle printed on its face He states that this is a ‘circle of concentration.’ The card is turned face down and is placed into his top pocket, but with some of the card sticking out, so that its back is visible at all times.
A set of seven color cards are now shown. They have different color backs to the “prediction card”. On their face each card has the name of a color written vertically down each opposite long edge (as many ‘joker’ cards do) with a large dot of color in the center. The colors are red, blue, orange, yellow, violet, pink and green.
The card colors are named, then they are turned face down, mixed and fanned and the performer asks a spectator to name any number between one and seven. When the number is named they are asked which end of the fan they would like to count from and the selected card is taken and concentrated on by the spectator.
No-one knows which of the seven colors was chosen, but the circle of concentration card is removed by the spectator and turned over to show that the empty space in the middle of the circle is now (say) green! The selected card is reversed and it is the green card!
Easy to do, supplied complete and ready to use with all the necessary cards and instructions.

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