Production Streamer (Silk – Tie Dye)

Prod Streamer - Tie DyeThese production streamers are pure silk streamers over 30 feet in length.  This tie dye variety has the streamer dyed in different colors along its entire length.  They look extremely attractive when produced from any production prop.  They seem to flow out in an endless rainbow of colors.
Being made of pure silk, the streamers can be loaded in a very small and compact space in virtually any production prop.  In fact these streamers can even be loaded, accordion pleated between the pages of a large book, or a hinged panel.  They will also fit in a large Jap Box, and make for a very good climax after the usual silk production.
Adding a few pinches of coloured confetti into the rolls or folds adds to the visual impact of the production.  The confetti files out when the streamer is produced.
You can stitch or tie a large National Flag or a Rainbow or other design silk to the end of the Steamer. A large flag or silk makes a good climax to the production.
An even more visually appealing idea is to use two of the Streamers, with the large Flag or silk tied or stitched between them.  
This is loaded into a production prop like the Square Circle, Mirror Box, Oriental Production Tubes etc. which are displayed center stage.
You produce the end of one Streamer, then the end of the other, handing over each end to two assistants who walk across the stage 
to the wings.  The Streamer(s) apparently stretches across the biggest stage (over 60 feet !) with the flag or design silk finally popping up in the middle.

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