Production Lanterns & Lantern Chain # 3

prodlantch3These Production Lanterns are hand crafted for use in large production boxes etc.

We supply them in two models, as a single lantern, (₹ 70.00) ( ₹ 35.00) or a chain of 3 lanterns(₹ 200.00) ( ₹ 100.00) (The handling for both models is the same, and the chains obviously produce a larger display. )

They fold flat, occupying a space of about 10″ in diameter, and less than 0.5″ height for each lantern.  When lifted up by the ring, they take the form of an attractive Chinese Lantern, with attractive decoration.

A different and novel production item for your production props like Mirror boxes, Large Square Circles, or even a body load production from a bunch of silks !