Predi-X-ion Deck

PrediXion Decik 002This is a very practical variation of Dai Vernon’s Brainwave deck, and its mutations like the count of 13 deck, and the Invisible Deck.
The unique feature of this deck is that you can handle it very freely, and display it both front and back at any point in the performance, just like any regular deck of cards.
One possible effect : Toss an “Invisible (or imaginary) Deck” to a spectator in the audience. 
Ask him (or her) to pantomime removing the deck from its case, shuffle it, then fan through the deck till he spots a card that catches his fancy.  Tell him to show his imaginary card to everyone in the audience, and for the benefit of those that cannot see it, call it out aloud. 
You now toss an Invisible Marker Pen to the spectator, asking him to mark his freely selected card with a large ‘X’ so he can identify it when he sees it.
Then have him replace his imaginary card in the imaginary deck, which is replaced in the imaginary card case. Have him toss the invisible deck back to you.
You pretend to catch the deck, and a real deck appears between them. 
Now remove the real deck from its case and fan it, to reveal the ‘X’ marked on the selected card. The marked card can be handed over for examination. The mark is an indelible mark. The deck is fanned and displayed on both sides. None of the other cards in the deck are marked.
There are absolutely no forces, or multiple outs. The spectator is not a stooge. The deck can be freely displayed front and back, at any stage of the performance. 
If that reads like a miracle, it is because that is exactly the impact of the effect on your audience.
Credits : This deck was conceived by me while working on a packet card trick using R&S Cards. The credit for the original Brainwave Deck to Dai Vernon is very obvious, but I have not come across this particular version in print or as a commercial item. If there is any evidence of my having reinvented the wheel, I would be happy to give credit where credit is due. – Sam Dalal. 

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