Pocket Epic Slate

Pocket Epic SlateAvailable now – a pocket model of the classic Mental Epic effect.
Effect : The magician makes three predictions on a board of three words or numbers selected by three members of the audience. These predictions are found to be absolutely correct.
This is one of the finest and most straight forward mental effects ever conceived. It is suitable for presentation under all conditions, and this compact model is specially suited for close up work.  You can carry the miniature model in your pocket, set for performance any time.
The Apparatus : The apparatus supplied consists of a special mechanical board divided into six squares.
The top three squares are covered by sliding covers, and this is where the magician writes his predictions. Slide the flaps up, to the edge of the square to expose the squares under them.
You do your writing with chalk or a China Graph pencil. The writing can be easily erased with a damp cloth.
Molded in plastic, the Pocket Epic Slate comes to you complete with detailed instructions, ready to use.

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