Plastic Production Coils # 10

Plastic production coilsWe have Multicolor Mouth Coils, and Mylar Glitter Coils in our range of products.  We now have a similar production coil made of  plastic. These production coils are in a form of a compact bundle, which you can easily palm, or introduce into your mouth.  When produced they appear as a long Multicolor Garland over 20″ long, stretching right across the stage. Unlike the paper coils, the plastic coils will not tear while being produced, and are waterproof, allowing you to produce them even from a glass of liquid if you wish. Tear a piece of white tissue paper, pretend to chew it, then produce the coil from your mouth.  Or produce it from a small production box, like a Wonder Box.  After production the coil seems much too large to fit into the box. Each coil can be used only once.  The plastic coils make an excellent give away after production.  Simply coil it like a garland and you have an attractive and durable garland, for your spectator assistant.

Plastic Production Coil #10 comes to you as a packet of ten coils (for ten performances) complete with instructions and ideas

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