Phantom Disk

Phantom DiskThe magician ask a spectator to select a card from a deck. He displays two disks, and places one disk on top of the other and holds them between his fingers. The spectator is asked to glare at the screen, which at that time is completely black. Spectator is asked to keep glaring at the screen and keep thinking of his or her selected card. The magician slowly shakes his hand and amazingly the image of the selected card appears in the screen, which till now was completely black. 
The magician can also make the image disappear by shaking the disks again.
This is an amazing illusion, made possible by the light filtering properties of special optical filters, also responsible for creating the 3D effects in Movies like Avatar. No palming, sleights, covers, this works itself, and you will love playing with it as much as showing it to your spectators. 
We have sets made for several different force cards (the card that appears needs to be forced), and you can order more than one set to repeat the item for the same audience.  We cannot guarantee any specific force card, but if more than one are ordered we will send all different.
Supplied complete and ready to use with instructions. Use any ordinary deck for the “selection” of a card.

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