Pentacles of Solomon

Pent of SolomonThe Pentacles of King Solomon may be familiar to those with an interest in Magick or the Occult. They are mystic inscriptions that are alleged to have powers to heal or hurt, to germinate love or wealth, or empower you to control Evil Spirits or Master the Universe …
Whether you believe this is just so much mumbo jumbo, or the esoteric secrets of an ancient discipline is up to you. But it makes no difference to the purveyor of this demonstration, who can infallibly demonstrate the influence of these ancient Pentacles.
You display seven of these Pentacles, describing the mystic powers associated with them by the control of the Sun and Moon, and the other heavenly planets. The spectator freely selects any one of these. You demonstrate beyond a doubt, that this selection was preordained, and that these symbols do have an influence on one, whether cynic or disciple.
In simple magical terms, this means a spectator is free to select any one of seven symbols, which the performer has correctly predicted.
This is a new and novel prediction effect by Chris Wardle & Sam Dalal. There are no forces, – the spectator may select any one of the seven symbols, and this is the one that has been predicted by the performer.

But there is much more to this outfit than just the above prediction effect. The effect is made possible by a very clever Utility device, and we supply you half a dozen more of this device in two sizes which you can use or customize for your other effects, with a booklet of many other routines you can perform with this.  Perform a clean Just Chance effect, or a Blind date one. Perform an incredible Color Matching routine, or a Headline prediction. We would like to tell you what it is, just to impress you with the clever secret, but we’ll save it for the ones that get this. 
All we will say is that if you perform close-up, or comedy or mental effects, you will like this as something new, and quite indispensable, and very good value for your money.

Sam’s Switcher #4
or Playing Card size)

This is just the utility device from the above effect. We understand the esoteric Pentacle effect may not suit every type of performer, but you may want the device for some of the many other excellent effects you can perform with this. 
We have therefor made these available, with the other routines excluding the special requirements for the above Pentacle effect. The device comes in two different sizes – a Post Card size, for letters, photos, Postcards etc., and a playing card size for smaller photos, playing cards and the like. You get four of either size in a set (you can use them over and over, but if you customize them, you need more for other effects) plus a detailed manuscript of the several effects you can perform with this, at half the cost or less of the complete outfit above. You do not need these if you get the outfit above, though you will probably want more once you know what you can do with them. 
Please specify size required when ordering.

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