Penetra Bill

Penetra-BillEFFECT:  A very effective and visual penetration effect, with a borrowed bill ! 

Magician shows a card board slotted frame with a hole at the centre. He borrows a currency note and inserts into the frame.  Then he introduces a plastic needle with a satin lace through the hole in the centre of the frame, apparently penetrating the note. 
Finally, he pulls the note slowly out of the frame and it is found unharmed, having penetrated through the lace. 

We supply a special board frame, a plastic needle with lace, and even a play money bill to practice with. This frame looks innocent and can be examined.  Supplied with detailed photo illustrated instructions, you can master this with a few handling trials, and will have one of the strongest and most effective visual penetration effects, at a very low price.

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