Paper to Pants # 12 (B/G)

Paper-to-PantsThe performer displays two pieces of colored tissue paper. These are torn, and when he attempts to restore them, they have transformed into a pair of paper pants !
Perform this as a sequel to the Paper to Hat effect, (of which we have several models), and it will be a hit with the kids. Or better still make a Hat for your volunteer assistant, and make one for your self, which you absentmindedly place over your head, not realizing it is a pair of pants, and it will have them roaring with laughter. 
We have made a very nice outfit, with two different designs of “pants”, (one for the boys, and one for the girls, as illustrated). Each outfit has 12 ready to work sets, (6 of each type, in two different colors). If you like comedy effects, or perform for kids, you’ll love this. 

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