Panel Escape – Acrylic

platter EscapeMagician shows three different colored Panels, with a hole in them, and a length of Ribbon. A spectator selects any color, which is placed between the other two, and the Ribbon threaded through the center of the Panels. Magician spreads the Panels to show Ribbon passes through them, puts them together, and places a Rubber band around the Panels. The Ribbon is pulled to and fro to show it passes through the Panels.
The ends of the Ribbon are now held together, and given a jerk. The selected Panel comes right off the Ribbon, leaving the other two threaded in place. Everything can be thoroughly examined with not a clue as to how the Panel penetrated right off the Ribbon.
This is the same as our Platter Escape, introduced several years ago, but made with bright acrylic panels. You can pick up the moves with a few handling trials, and you have a very clean and convincing mystery, where all the props can be examined, before and after. Highly recommended.

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