rope to silk

Rope To Silk

The magician displays a piece of rope about 20″ in length which he claims is a piece of the “Famous Indian Rope Trick”. The rope is held at one end and the other end held up. When the top end is left the rope falls down just like a normal rope. This is repeated once […]

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Drop Out Aluminum

Drop Out – Aluminum

Drop Out is a classic pocket item, easy to perform, and highly puzzling to the un-initiated.  The performer displays a small bottle with a hole on one side. A steel ball is placed in the hole, and the bottle inverted.  Whenever the magician does this, the ball does not drop out of the hole, defying […]

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multiplying bananas sponge

Multiplying Bananas – Sponge (Pair)

Start with an “empty” bag, then pull out one banana, then another, then another, etc.! At the end, you can make the bananas vanish! You can also use them as production items from Change Bags or Production Boxes or from your pocket. Just use your imagination! Available in 2 Sizes Large Pair – Life Size […]

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Multiplying Carrots – Sponge (Pair)

  Some Magicians produce rabbits out of a hat. You can produce rabbit food instead! Produce a sponge carrot and feed it to a rabbit. Then another and another. Multiply them one after another in your hands! Perfect for creating the illusion of feeding a carrot to a bunny puppet! You can also use them […]

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ss blindfold

Stainless Steel Blindfold With Bag

Over the years, magicians have performed many mysteries with their eyes blind folded. Several objects like bread, coins, dough, and wads of cotton, powder puffs, sheets of metal, adhesive tapes etc. including varieties of cloth blindfolds have been used to cover their eyes, and yet they have been able to read, write, sketch, even navigate […]

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Royal Flush – Jumbo

The Magician fans out five cards 4 of which are Tens and one a Joker. Magician takes out the joker and place it on the table. He turns the 10 of Spades face down and closes the fan. Now when he taps the joker with the four tens and opens them into a fan again,it […]

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ghost tube jumbo

Ghost Tube – Jumbo

The Ghost Tube has been a favourite Magician’s prop for producing items like silks, handkerchiefs, ribbons, currency notes etc.  We have various models of this item in our range. In the basic Ghost Tube effect, performer displays a cylinder which the audience can see right through.  Then items are produced from this empty tube. The […]

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checkers color changing silks

Checkers Color Changing Silks (Red/White)

The performer shows two silks approximately 13″ x 13″ of two different colors (Red and White) tied together by their diagonal corners. He passes the silks through his fist and they change into two silks in a Red and White checkered pattern. The effect can be repeated to transform the Checkered silks back to the […]

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color vison deluxe

Color Vision – Deluxe

A Cube with six different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names the colored spot on top of the boxed cube. The colored plastic box is 1 1/4″ square, with a cube 1 1/8″ size. Can be examined, and repeated as often as you like. A deluxe version of […]

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