Okito Box – Wood (50c size)

Wood-OkitoA classic effect for close up coin workers, this is a turned box specially made for use with Half Dollar Coins, or any coins of a similar size etc.  The box by itself is completely innocent, and can be thoroughly examined by the spectators.  With the help of a few simple moves, you can do some excellent coin magic with this box, making coins appear, vanish or penetrate through the box.

The Okito boxes in circulation are made of Brass or other metal, (although the original was a regular board pill box). This box is turned in exotic hardwood, inlaid with brass on the lid, and resembles an antique jewelry box for holding a ring. It is a more “natural” prop than the Brass Okito Box (which we also make), and costs about half as much. 
A collector quality close-up prop which will add a touch of class to your act, it is supplied with several routines (you use your own coins !) and you will find dozens of other routines in books of Coin Magic, or booklets written exclusively for this prop.

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