Odd One Out – Ian Adair

Adair-Odd-One-OutEffect: The performer displays the backs of ten playing cards and mixes them up. He tells a spectator that he will pick one of the ten cards, and this will act as a ‘prediction’. This is done, a face down card being withdrawn from the fan and placed in full view. Now the spectator is requested to freely select one of the other cards (No force). This card is reversed and is shown (e.g.: Eight of Hearts).
When the magician reverses his card, it too is the Eight of Hearts … both cards matching.
Ah …. but the audience are not impressed. They imagine all the cards to be the same! Without any switches, the same remaining eight cards are allowed to be handled by the spectators .. and each one is found to have a back design on both sides.
Not only has the performer predicted the right card, but the spectator has freely chosen the only ‘odd card out!’.

It’s very easy to do. Complete with all the special cards and instructions by Ian Adair.

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