Nu Way Monkey Bar

nu-way-monkey-barThe Monkey Bar is a popular magic effect, and there have been many versions, working on different secrets on the market.

We now offer you a model suitable for stage use, working on a different principle, and which can be easily adapted to your individual performing preference. It eliminates the disadvantages of models working on other methods, and the effect is exactly as you would expect on reading an ad for the item.

The effect for the prop as supplied runs as follows. The performer shows a large wooden baton, with three cords running through it. At the end of each cord is a ball, two of which are of the same color (say red), and one a different color (say yellow).
The performer shows the cords run freely through the holes, and the balls are securely tied on the cords. He claims he will make the ball jump from one cord to the other. He passes the baton behind his back, and the odd colored ball jumps from one end (say left) to the other (right).

The audience is not impressed, – they know you are just turning the baton around behind your back. You repeat this once again, and even the politest member of your audience will not hesitate to express their dis-enchantment.

You appear offended at not be believed, and offer to prove conclusively that the balls do jump from one cord to the other. The baton is passed behind the back once again, and when brought to the front, the odd colored ball is now tied on the middle rope, between the two similar colored ones.

The model we supply uses thick cords, and large balls, making it very visible even on the larger stage. However, you can easily adapt the baton for use in any of the other presentations that have appeared in print.

You could perform this with three large silks, two of the same color, and one a different color. In this case the silks could be examined, then passed through the holes in the baton (with the help of a pencil or slim magic wand) and knotted on top. A very clean cut presentation, not possible with the traditional Monkey Bar. You could use colored ribbons in place of the cords. Another popular presentation has a set of linked rings from a Linking Ring set tied to two of the cords, and a single ring to the third cord. The linked rings are adjacent to each other at the start, and the single ring appears between them at the finish.

Other presentations involve different a fish at the ends of the cords. The fish is at the end of the “fishing line”. You could use any toy (birds, a monkey, rabbit, or even glo-bugs or aliens) tied to the cords, depending on your presentation theme.

A mechanical prop, very easy to use.

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