New Pigeon thru Glass

New PIgeon Thru GlassThe Pigeon Thru Glass is a classic magic prop, where a pigeon, dove, silks or even a spectator’s hand penetrates through a sheet of clear glass. Although our apparatus is designed to look like the original classic prop, the working principle is entirely different. To those who have never seen the item before, it is a baffling mystery. And for those familiar with the original item, this would be something to think about.
The apparatus supplied consist of a frame with a clear glass sheet, and a stand. Glass is shown to be solid, then two traps swing in place, and a solid object penetrates right through the glass.
The stand folds for convenience of packing. It can be erected upright, with the locking pin inserted to hold it rigid. All the gimmickry is in the frame. 
Originally introduced by us several years ago, and out of stock for a long time (because of the elaborate manufacturing process), we have these again available. Complete and ready to use (use your own dove or hand !) with color photo illustrated instructions. 

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