Mutilated Parasol Plus – Dlx

MutilParasoldlxPlace 3 different colored silks into a tube. The audience can see them clearly through the net. Toss up the tube and remove the silks, and they have transformed into a Parasol. Or place a Parasol into an empty Net tube and state you are going to transpose them to another empty tube some distance away. Things start going wrong. Part of the Parasol goes across, then … Or perform a “Mismade Parasol” effect, – silks transform to a Mismade Parasol, then a perfect one …

The props you get in this outfit comprise of two net tubes, (which the audience can see into), two parasols or umbrellas, (one normal, one “mutilated”), a parasol cover, matching silks and ribbons, and  a variety of very colorful and visual routines to perform with these.

You’ll get all the routines you can use, and ideas for a few more of your own creation when you read the instructions, and play with the props.

A Deluxe Model Mutilated Parasol Plus, with larger (ladies’ size) Parasols, that snap open with the push of a button, allowing you to handle them with one hand, for the professional who wants the best.

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