Multiplying Bottles – Colored (Set of 10)

The magician talks about the famous “Bottle and Glass” trick, showing two cylinders, one bottle and one glass. The bottle and the glass are covered with the cylinders and the Passe Passe Glass and Bottle is performed where the Bottle and the Glass repeatedly change places. Then something goes wrong (?) and the Bottles start to appear when ever a cylinder is lifted. It gets funnier and funnier as the magician eventually finishes with EIGHT solid Bottles.

Powder coated metal cylinders and bottles complete with labels that resemble real bottles. The effect can be performed surrounded on any table. There are no steals or body loads. A self- contained effect that requires a little rehearsal and some attention to the timing and presentation. One of the greatest Stage comedy effects in Magic, this is supplied with two cylinders, 10 colored bottles, and detailed instructions.

Multiplying bottles colored # 10

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