Mult Balls Silver PlA silver Ball held at the magician’s fingers multiplies to two, then three, and finally four Balls.  
These are 1.5” plastic balls plated to give it a gleaming metallic silver appearance. They are similar to our stainless steel balls in our silver Sphere Combo outfit, but lighter, and also much more economical.
These come to you complete with the set of 4 balls and gimmick, and a comprehensive booklet of illustrated instructions. This is a printed booklet (4″ x 5.5″,  24 pages, and 36 illustrations) and covers all the basic moves for the classic Multiplying Balls effect, like the Basic Multiplying move, various palming methods, different vanishes and transfers, and use of ball holders.  
In addition, the complete routines include an easy Routine and a more Advanced Routine. Also includes references for additional literature on the subject.  

The item is available in a limited quantity and will not be available after stock runs out. Please order early if interested.

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