Motorized Matchbox Reel

Motorised-ReelThis battery operated (uses 2 x AAA cells, supplied) matchbox reel has many uses for magicians.
The reel has a very thin, long and strong mono filament line, that is almost invisible at a small distance. You have several feet of line available, – you can extend the line by 8′ or more, – much more than any mechanical reel. There is no need for a lock – the line stays extended till you press the switch, to retract it.
The complete gadget is built into a simulated Matchbox casing (plastic, not board), which you can leave on the table, angled as illustrated, and it appears just as a regular matchbox. Yet built into this tiny box are the mechanics for this utility prop.
Complete books have been written covering magic effects with Reels, most of which can be performed with this reel, and if you buy this, you probably have a specific requirement of your own.
The reels are a gimmick, used for animation effects. One of the finest, (but no longer “politically correct”) effects is having a cigarette drop from your lips as you attempt to light it. A magic gesture makes the cigarette float up, between your lips, ready to be lit.
Similar effects involve “accidentally” dropping a silk or length of rope, bill, playing card etc. during a magic routine. The extra length of line will permit you to even step away, before you notice this. A magic gesture, and the object “floats up” to your hand.
PK type effects involve a Card case, or Cigarette packet or wallet “crawl” to you across a table. Other animation effects involve a knotted silk or rope visibly untie itself. Or a silk or length of rope penetrates your leg, neck or a microphone stand.
The reel comes to you ready to use, for those that know what to do with it. It is a gimmick for intermediate and advanced magicians, and not for complete beginners. Basic handling instructions are supplied with the item.

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