Mismade Prediction Tear

Mismade Pred TearThe Magician places a folded “prediction” paper on the table.
A spectator selects a card from a deck of cards. The magician opens his prediction. It is the four of diamonds. He asks the spectator to check his card. It is five of diamonds.
The magician turns his prediction sheet to reveal the 5th diamond pip which was printed wrongly on the other side!
He folds the paper and cuts off the corner which is having the 5th diamond. He unfolds the paper to show the hole and unfolds the cut paper piece which is having a single diamond on it. Then he again folds the paper and the diamond pip. He inserts the diamond paper piece into the folds of the paper and opens it. Magically the paper is completely restored with the 5th diamond pip now in the correct position to match the spectator’s selection.
We supply ten specially made prediction sheets for this effect. You can use one sheet only for one show.  They are folded, ready for performance. Complete with photo illustrated instructions, this is easy to do, and a very novel paper tear with a plausible presentation theme !

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