Mismade Flag Set (Indian)

mismadeflagindianThe apparatus we supply for this item comprises of two large Flags nearly 36″ x 24″ in size, plus four smaller colored handkerchiefs. One of the Flags has the Chakra missing, making it incomplete. Three of handkerchiefs are colored Saffron, White, and Green to match the background colors in the flag while a smaller Blue handkerchief  matches the Chakra. 

The effect is the popular Blendo effect, where the handkerchiefs change into a national Flag.  The extra flag allows you to add a comedy twist to the routine, where you accidentally drop the blue silk, and produce an incomplete flag, then magically rectify the error. 

The effect is most easy to perform with a Repeat Change Bag, which is not supplied with the item.  It is separately available from our Magic Service if required.  Most Magicians have this standard changing prop. 

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