Mirror Glass Blendo

miror glass blendo

This is a novel Mirror Glass, which makes possible some effective changes. In this set, we supply it with the necessary accessories for a “2 step Blendo” effect.

For this effect, three silks are removed from the glass, which is covered with the cylinder, and placed aside.. They are placed in your pocket, or a Change Bag, from where they vanish. They reappear inside the glass, but are now knotted in a chain.

The chain of silks is again placed in the glass, and with a magic pass is seen to have transformed into a large multi color design silk in the colors of the 3 silks. The glass and cylinder are shown to be empty.

We supply you the very special type of Mirror Glass, a cylinder to cover the glass, and a set of 6 silks (2 each in 3 different colors), and a larger multicolor Blendo silk with a design in the 3 colors. The mirror glass can also be used for various other effects.

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