Mini Silk Cabby & Frame Combo

Cabby and Frame
The Silk Cabby & Frame Outfit have been popular with magicians for decades, as an excellent vanish and production of silks.
We felt the normal props were rather large and bulky for the vanish and production of three silks, so we miniaturized and streamlined the props, to give you an appropriate prop for this popular effect.
The performer displays a frame, with a rod going through the middle.  The door of the frame is closed and it is placed to one side.
A small cabby is displayed, and three silks pushed into it from holes in the side of the cabby.  A magic pass, and the doors on the front and the back of the cabby are opened to show the silks have completely vanished.
The door of the frame is now opened, to display the three silks tied on the rod.
The cabby measures only 5.5″ long, 3.5″ high, and 3″ wide.  The frame measures 10″ high, 7.75″ wide, and 1.75″ deep (with a little more at the base).  It comes to you complete with the all necessary silks and full working instructions.

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