Milk and Water Separation

Milk & Water SeperationAn old classic in a modern form, redesigned with spun metal tray and covers, in a compact, handy model.

Resting on a tray are two glasses, one full of milk and one full of water, along with an empty milk bottle, and two empty covers.  The milk and water are visibly poured into the bottle, mixing them up.  The empty glasses are now covered with the two metal covers.  At the performer’s command, the liquid in the bottle visibly diminishes, till the bottle is completely empty.  When the covers are lifted off the two empty glasses, the milk is back in it’s original glass, and the water in the other glass.

You can use any other liquids instead of milk and water, for example Beer for the Dads and Cherry Soda for the kids!

Comes complete with the powder coated tray, bottle, glasses, gold anodised spun metal covers, and full working instructions.

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