Middle Diddle Silk

middlediddlesilkPerformer displays a board divided in three, with a hole in each third.
The two end sections are in different colors, while the center has a zebra striped pattern, allowing the audience to clearly identify the three sections..
A silk is passed through the hole in the end red section. The ends of the silk are knotted together so that the silk cannot be easily slipped in or out of the holes. The board is passed behind the performer’s back, and it is found the silk has jumped to the opposite end, now appearing in the hole in the yellow section. This is repeated again, and the audience soon tells you that you are turning the board around behind your back, and the end sections are differently colored on the opposite sides of the board. 
The performer appears aghast at the insinuation, and passes the board behind his back once again. When this is brought to the front it is found that the silk is now tied through the hole in the middle of the board, proving the silk really does jump magically from hole to hole !
A compact flat model of the item with the popular Monkey Bar sucker effect, this comes complete  with special mechanical board, (making this very easy to do), silk, and full instructions.

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