Malini Egg Bag

Malini Egg BagThe Egg Bag is one of the “classics” of Magic performed over centuries by some of the most famous names of the art, (De Biere, Bamberg, Dante, Malini to name a few) –  and although many magicians consider it a children’s effect, it is equally suited to an adult audience, with some bits of business added to the basic routine.
There are many types of Egg Bags, where an egg vanishes in a bag and reappears, under the performer’s control. The Malini Egg Bag is a small Bag that just fits over an adult hand with fingers outstretched, and in better proportion to the Egg used. It has a modified construction, which can conceal the egg from a spectator who looks into the bag, and who can subsequently reach into the bag and “discover” the egg. 
We supply you an Egg Bag of the Malini model, and an imitation egg. The bag is stitched from a stiff material, and not a soft flexible material. The stiff material conceals the egg better, and it is more difficult for a spectator to detect the egg when he holds the bag with the egg inside – a prominent feature of the Malini routine. 
The Egg is a solid imitation egg, and heavier than a hollow one. This permits it to slide easily in the bag, when the bag is tilted.
Complete with egg, bag, and 2 pages of detailed instructions.

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