Making Easy Money

Making EZ MoneyThe performer displays six empty wallets. A Borrowed Bill is placed in one of the wallets. When the Wallet with the Bill is rubbed against the other five wallets in turn, bills appear one at a time in all the other empty wallets.
You return the Borrowed Bill, remove the other five bills for yourself, and thank the spectator for his loan in enabling you to make some Easy Money ! And everything can be examined.
We supply the six wallets, with play bills, and complete instructions to enable you to perform this right away.
For actual performance we recommend you use real bills of the desired denomination for added effect. You can use Fifty Dollar Bills, like the Play Money supplied, or any lower denomination bill which you may find easier to borrow from a spectator ! (Wallets are made to take the US dollar size bills). A different “money production” item, – a theme that is always very popular.

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