Magician’s Manipulation Coins ( 4 x Silver)

Magician Coin Re 4SThis is a set of 4 imitation silver pre independence rupee coins stamped in Aluminum for all your coin tricks.
These coins are the same diameter as regular US Half Dollar coins,  allowing you to use them in almost any effect or coin prop that requires this size of coin.
They have deep milled edges, making it very easy to palm or grip the coins. Being made of ultra light aluminum, they will not slip, and are easier to manipulate.
The anodized silver finish will not tarnish for a very long time, giving you mint coins to work with. They are accurate replicas of the pre independence rupee, and therefor appear as real coins, and not magician’s tokens.
If you like Coin Magic, we strongly recommend you get a set (or more) of these coins. We also have “copper” and “gold” models of these coins, as advertised below, for tricks that require them. The coins are supplied without any instructions – there are several 100s of tricks you can use them for.

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