Magic With Ease – Sam Dalal

Magic with Ease BookSam Dalal wrote a course in magic for beginners in three volumes. The books had been written with the sole aim that anyone wanting to gain proficiency in the subject might get it without much difficulty; plus making the neophyte a good magician.

All three books in this series are uniform pocket book size (5″ X 7.75″), each with 96 pages between the covers and profusely illustrated with line drawings.

This book, Magic With Ease is the first in the series. The book has basics of performing magic like ‘Do’s and Don’ts, Showmanship, presentations, misdirection and more.  Itincludes about three dozen effects of a self-working nature, which anyone can perform if they follow the instructions given. All the effects in the book are designed for performing for friends and relatives at parties and gatherings, to give a beginner the confidence of performing Magic for a real audience. One will find tricks explained in the book starting with small tricks suitable for intimate shows or to oblige one approaching with “show us a trick” to some bigger items needed for a drawing room show to please a gathering.

After reading the book, with some practice and rehearsal plus skilful acting and physical movements one will pull a rabbit out of a hat, or change a handkerchief from red to green, or read people’s thoughts. Yes, it’s that easy! (INR 30.00)

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