Color Changing Paddles

The performer displays two paddles, or miniature bats. One has white spots on both sides, and the other black. Holding a paddle in each hand he commands the spots to jump. Now the black spots are on the paddle that had the white, and vice versa. After repeating this a few times, he takes the … Read more

Circus Matchboxes (Wonder)

The Acrobatic Matchbox is an old effect, but this model from Wonder, with specially made plastic matchboxes makes for a long lasting prop, easier in working than models made from regular board matchboxes. In effect, these are two matchboxes, that behave in a most uncanny manner. Place the boxes end to end, with one drawer … Read more

What’s On Your Mind – Wonder

As a girl, you want to be like someone. As a guy you want to be with someone. But who is is that someone on your mind ?? Show a spectator a card with 15 women having different personalities. The spectator chooses anyone mentally (without letting you know his choice).  You then show him 4 … Read more

Tricky Top Spin – Wonder

The props are comprised of  a regular die, and a top with six numbers. You ask a spectator to roll the dice on the table. It lands with a number (say 5) at the top. You, or another spectator then spins the top. To everyone’s surprise, the top mysteriously stops at the number 5 !  … Read more