Thumb Tip Blendo with Thumb Tip

Four small different colored silks pushed into the performer’s fist magically blend into a large 4 color Silk. Easy to do and comes complete with required silks and Thmb Tip. The four smaller silks are roughly 3.5″ square and the large silk is 7″ square.

Appearing Rose

A novelty rose that could be used for a number of different appearing effects. Have it appear from under an empty Handkerchief or walk onto stage and have it appear at your finger tips from thin air! Fold the rose and hide it in your hand and have it pop out automatically or have it … Read more

Whiteboard Paddle Outfit

A paddle is an accessory that has many trick possibilities limited to your imaginations only. There are hundreds of tricks using the “paddle move”. They are effective and practical for table hopping at restaurants etc. Markings or pictures on the paddle magically jump, disappear or multiply. During the 1950’s, The Supreme Magic Company of England … Read more

Biting Through A Card

Magician displays a normal deck of bicycle cards. He asks someone in the audience to select a card. The magician then takes this card face down and bites it. You can clearly see the gap on the card where it has been bitten. Then with a strong blow, the card is immediately restored!!! When the … Read more

Pick your Drink by Arun Bonerjee

This self working lie detector effect determines a spectator’s selected freely selected drink, (no force) regardless of whether the spectator decides to lie or tell the truth about his selection.  A packet of 10 cards is examined and shuffled and a spectator freely selects one which is buried in the packet. The selected card is magically … Read more