Tear No-Tear Pad

Tear No Tear Pad

A very clever prop that you can carry around in your pocket that will allow you to perform many Mind Blowing feats of mental-ism. You can use it for close up or even on stage. The presentations you can do with this once you know the little secret will be limited only by your imagination. … Read more

Thumb Tip – Jumbo

We have produced a new Jumbo Thumb Tip specifically designed for a particular type of effect. This Thumb Tip has space along the sides of the thumb, and will comfortably hold a playing card folded in fours, or even a currency note folded in fours.  You do not have to make these into a small … Read more

Thumb Tip – Various Sizes

The Thumb tip is a secret accessory that makes many seemingly impossible miracles possible. Use it to Vanish or Produce a silk, or vanish a lit cigarette in a borrowed handkerchief. Use it to restore a torn and burnt note. Use it for a “lucky dip” effect. Produce a live Gold Fish from a borrowed … Read more

Swami Gimmick # 4 – With Book

Swami Gimmick

The Swami Gimmick or Nail Writer is one of the most useful Gimmicks a mentalist could own. It allows you to make written prediction which are absolutely amazing.  For example you write a prediction on the back of your visiting Card and hold it up.  A spectator is now asked to count the change in … Read more

Sword Swallowing Mystery

Sword Swallowing Mystery

Closely associated with magic are amazing feats like fire eating, swallowing swords, beds of nails, and other such carnival demonstrations. And like magic tricks, many of these have a trick or secret to them, making them in fact much easier to do than what the audience believes. While years of practice and training will enable … Read more