Wizard Foulard

Wizard Foulard -s

This is a multi-colour, 36-inch square durable foulard with a striking Wizard figure, that is value for your money. It has dozens of uses for a performing magician. Use it as a Production Foulard from Production props Like Square & Circle Production outfits, Mirror Boxes, Temple Screens, Jap Boxes Large Ghost Tubes, and similar items. … Read more

Rainbow Silk 42″

rainbow silk

A 42 inch Rainbow Silk. These Silks can be produced from all standard production props like Ghost Tubes, Silk Wonder Box, Square Circle production Out fit, Temple Screen, Mirror Box, Jap Box etc.  

Starburst Hank 36″

Starburst Hank 36 inch

This is a 36 inch Star burst design that is great for Blendo effects. Screened in vibrant eye-catching colors, on super fine material that will compress into extremely small places for loading, and expand beautifully when produced.

It’s Magic Bag Blendo

The performer displays four large silks colored black, white, red and yellow and an empty blue bag. The bag is shown inside and out, and is seen to be of the same color. The silks are dropped in the bag and the bag is snapped. In an instant the bag transforms into a very large … Read more

Birthday Message Silk 36″

Silks are a favorite with magicians. They make ideal production items,  compressing into a small place, and making a large colorful display when produced. Use them with your Silk Wonder Box, Mirror Box, Fold Flat Production Box, Change Bags, or other Production prop or cabinet. We have introduced a new Jumbo Message Picture Hank in … Read more

Jumbo Message Picture Hanks – 36″

We have Jumbo Message Picture Hanks in a 36″ size. These are picture silks that convey the message, without the words. Ideal for audiences that do not understand an English message printed on, as in our Ed Harris range. Designs depict HAPPY BIRTHDAY and GOOD NIGHT. (₹ 500.00) ( ₹ 250.00)