Gloves to Streamer

Gloves to Zebra Streamer

A great opening effect! The magician, wearing one black glove and one white glove , clasps his hands together and takes off the gloves. The gloves are then thrown into the air, turning into a black and white striped streamer. This is a beautiful effect, and the streamer is custom-dyed pure silk. Great for any … Read more

Four Parasol Production

The performer displays four different colored silks, Red, Blue Green and Yellow, which are convincingly displayed one at a time as ordinary and empty. He now reaches into the silks and produces four large colorful parasols. We supply all the required “silks”. load gimmick, and the parasols. Highly visible even on a large stage.  Yet … Read more


The performer displays a multicolor streamer striped in various colors which is shown freely all around. He waves it and it visibly transforms into five separate streamers – in five different colors. The five streamers are now placed in a small black bag. This is shaken, and the bag transforms into a large foulard over … Read more

Cube Transposition Boxes

Cube transposition boxes

The performer displays two boxes with lids, one red and one yellow. He also displays a solid multi color cube (shown on all 6 sides) and a number of small silks of different colors. The two boxes are opened, shown empty, and the solid cube is placed in the yellow box which is closed. The silks are … Read more

Jumbo Production Flags # 9

umbo production flags

These flag silks are approximately 11″ x 8″ and are an excellent production item. Being made of silk, the flags can be loaded in a very small and compact space in virtually any production prop. You can also use them with a jumbo thumb tip. The set has a variety of 9 different flags.

Rose To Silk

Rose to silk 300x300

This is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose in his lapel.  He plucks at the Rose, and it immediately transforms into a silk about 12″ Square.  The performer can simply tuck away the silk, or use it if he wishes for a follow … Read more