Wand And Beads Puzzle

Two Beads are threaded on a string through a wand. The object of the puzzle is to release the beads from the wand without cutting the string or breaking the wand. Solution in the instructions included.

Classic Indian Puzzle

Can you separate the two pieces, and put them back together again? This puzzle cannot be put down and may cause frustration and irritation. However once mastered you can sit and watch others suffer with a most satisfying smile!! Made with solid plastic plates that are approximately 4.25 inches into 1.8 inches. Comes with video … Read more

Pyramid Puzzle – Large Wood

Pyramid Puzzle Wood

This is an old, but  very good and effective puzzle. With two identical pieces, one has to form a perfect pyramid. Your spectators go crazy trying to do it, if they do not know the simple solution. Made out of wood and 2.5 inches in size, this puzzle is an ideal addition for a collector … Read more

T Puzzle – Small 2.25″

The ‘T’ puzzle is one of the popular and well known puzzles, where a perfect ‘T’ is formed with four pieces. It is clever, and one can try for hours to solve this simple puzzle, if he does not have the solution. It is also possible to make many other letters of the alphabet; and … Read more


A classic optical illusion, with a story line to accompany the action. You show two “fish” one yellow and the other red. Say these are the fish caught by two fisherman and each brags that his fish is bigger. Place them one under the other. Ask which one is longer, and they will say the … Read more