Promotional and Gift Items

We regularly receive queries for cheap Puzzles and easy Magic Tricks which we can supply in bulk for advertising purposes, or as gifts and give-aways, or for performers to sell after their shows. Substantial discounts are available for bulk purchase of these items in quantities of 100 or more. Postage or freight is extra at … Read more

Pocket Rabbit in Hat

pocket rabbit in hat

Effect : A Rabbit magically appear on a picture of a Hat. The magician shows a picture of a Hat. He says this was drawn by a magical artist, and is a magic picture. The other side of the picture is a magic wand. The performer makes a few magic gestures, and when the picture is … Read more

Computer Design Cards

computer mind reading cards

This is a completely self working item, which you can perform, without even knowing how or why it works. The performer displays a “chart” with over a dozen different pictures or designs on it. A spectator mentally thinks of any design.  There are no forces, and the item can be repeated with a different design … Read more

Finger Trap

finger trap

A good novelty item nicely made from colorful nylon strips. A spectator is asked to insert a finger into each end of the plaited tube. He is then asked to pull his fingers out, but fails to do so. The harder he pulls, the more firmly the tube traps his fingers. Made to last long. … Read more