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Jap Box

Jap Production Box

The Jap Production Box is a classic prop for silk productions. Very easy to use and quite deceptive in performance. Performer displays a regtangular tube that the audience can see right through, resting on a thin base with holes., so the audience can also see there is nothing concealed in the base. Having shown the […]

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mystery box of iran

Mystery Box of Iran

A new type of drawer box, where you can pull the drawer right out, allowing the audience to see right through the box. Then replace the drawer and open it to produce a live dove, or any thing you fancy. Made in black Acrylic Sheet (8″ x 5″ x 4″) size, this is a utility […]

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Reception Aluminum – PC

The Reception apparatus is an adaptation of the classic Coffee Vase apparatus. It will allow you to produce, change or vanish items like Liquids, Silks, Ribbons, Spring Flowers Confetti, cotton wool etc. The apparatus we supply is made of spun aluminum and powder coated. It is colorful, and costs less than half the stainless steel […]

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Magic Flower Bag

Show a brown paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty. Open the bag, reach in, and PULL OUT a large transparent box FULL of colorful flowers!  Your friends will wonder how you did that! Reach in the bag again, pull out a Second box of flowers! Then pull out a Third box of flowers!! […]

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Enchanted Treasure Chest

A large and very attractive chest, – this could be the chest from a story in the Arabian Nights, or of a mythical Pirate. Tip it over with lid open to show it empty, then produce a large variety of “treasures” from the empty chest. Show it empty again, then produce some more. – yards […]

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Flower / Silk Production Pan – Mini

We have sold various models of production pans over the years, ranging from Chick Pans to Double Load Large Dove Pans, Duck Pans and Rabbit Pans. We have now manufactured a real miniature version of this item measuring only 4.25 inches in diameter.  Most magicians would prefer to use this to produce a bunch of […]

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