Vintage Production Coils # 12 – Multicolored

These Production Coils enable you to produce a long ribbon of paper from your mouth, hand, or a production prop. The item is an ancient one, but as popular today as it was more than 200 years ago (Prof. Hoffman’s More Magic published in 1889 refers to this as an ancient trick!). It is an … Read more

Production Fans – Assorted Colors

Large Colored 24 inch plastic fans that you can produce magically to amaze your audience! The Fans are 13 inches in height when folded and can be used in an oriental theme Fan production. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black Comes without instructions. Can also be used as decorative pieces for your … Read more

Bubble Gum Mouth Coils # 12

Bubble Gum Mouth Coils

The magician challenges a few children to a “bubble gum pulling contest.” He hands each child a wrapped piece of gum and explains that whoever can stretch their gum the furthest wins. In turn, each child tries and can only get their gum to stretch a few feet, but when it’s the magician’s turn, he … Read more

Throw Coils – # 10 White- Large and Small

The performer throws out his hands, and several white Streamers shoot out, making for a very visual and dramatic effect. The ‘Throw Coils’ allow you to produce this dramatic effect, which can be used at any time in your show. For example when you take a bow after a trick which has produced a good … Read more

Plastic Production Coils # 10

Plastic production coils

We have Multicolor Mouth Coils, and Mylar Glitter Coils in our range of products.  We now have a similar production coil made of  plastic. These production coils are in a form of a compact bundle, which you can easily palm, or introduce into your mouth.  When produced they appear as a long Multicolor Garland over … Read more