Coin Vase (Deluxe Wood)

  This is a deluxe and more advanced version of the Coin Change Pedestal that will allow you to do additional effects A borrowed coin is placed on a pedestal and covered. When the cover is lifted the coin is seen to have changed or vanished. The cover is seen to be clearly empty. You … Read more

Adair’s Jack in The Box

From the fertile brain of Ian Adair, we have this knock-out variation of the “Parade of Kings” effect, where the performer “predicts” one of four cards freely selected by a spectator. However, this version, using the four Jacks is exceptionally clean and direct, even permitting you to display the prediction card freely on both sides. … Read more

Svengali Pad

The Svengali Pad is an invaluable accessory for Mental magic, like the Thumb-tip is for general magic. It gets its name from Burling Hulls’s famous Svengali Deck, working on a similar principle, and is a utility prop for Predictions and Mind-reading effects that can be used to force words, numbers, designs, colors, playing cards, or … Read more

3D Blooming Bouquet – New Model

A Bouquet of 3 Dimensional flowers magically appear on the picture of a bare stemmed Flower Vase. Magician displays a board with a picture of a flower vase with some bare stems. He says a flower vase only looks beautiful with flowers. He spins the board around in his hand making a magical gesture and … Read more

Spring Flower Ball 15″

These ‘Spring Flowers’ are not made from paper, but glitter Foil, which will not tear like paper, and with normal handling care will outlast paper flowers a hundred times over. The Foil shimmers and shines, making these much more visually eye catching then ordinary tissue paper flowers. If you are a performer who regularly uses … Read more

Hopping Queen By Uday Jadugar

Here is an outstanding and original rendition of “The Three Card Monte” designed for both parlor and stage performances. This unique version was created and produced by  Mr. Uday Jadugar. It is a visually stunning and straightforward routine that is guaranteed to captivate your audience. The magician presents an exquisite display, featuring three jumbo cards: … Read more