Tear No-Tear Pad

Tear No Tear Pad

A very clever prop that you can carry around in your pocket that will allow you to perform many Mind Blowing feats of mental-ism. You can use it for close up or even on stage. The presentations you can do with this once you know the little secret will be limited only by your imagination. … Read more

Sure Shot Prediction

Performer displays 3 cards with 3 different geometric designs which he removes from an envelope. A spectator freely selects any of the design cards. There is no force. The symbol selected is the one the performer has predicted. This is a very simple and direct prediction effect, with no forces, sleights or switches. A very … Read more

Ghost Card Case

A spook effect with no clue to the uncanny manifestation of the ghost image. Magician removes a pack of cards from a black card case. He asks a spectator to pick a card, see it and show it to the rest of the audience without showing it to the magician. The spectator is asked to … Read more


This model of the Svengali Deck allows you to Riffle from either the short or long edge to perform all the tricks. This special pack is the most popular trick deck ever created. Burling Hull in his Sealed Mysteries claims its invention and that he copyrighted it in 1909. The Svengali pack soon leaped into … Read more

Guess The Total (Cards)

This is an amazing mental totaling effect. No forces. No Sleights or Multiple outs. Magician shows five double back cards. Each card has two different numbers printed on either side of it. There are five paper cases, one for each card. The cases are used to completely hide the numbers on the cards. The magician … Read more