Floating Princess


An absolutely  stunning close-up mystery that can be  performed ‘right under their nose’. The magician shows a playing card and a picture of a Princess. The Princess is laid over the card, supposedly on her bed, which is in turn rested over the palm. Magician makes some magical gesture and the Princes slowly rises and … Read more

Wonderful Bar

The performer displays a test tube in his hand, which has been closed with a cork. Inside the tube rests a solid silver bar. With a gesture from the performer, the silver bar begins to bob up and down inside the closed tube, banging against the cork. Eventually, the bar pops the cork off of … Read more

Floating Table – Wood

Effect : This is an ordinary wooden table – one on which you display your props, or perform some of your magic routines. Then the table magically floats (like the classic Zombie Ball) – up and several feet off the ground. The performer grabs the table cloth, trying to coax it down, and the table … Read more

Floating Match (2G+1)

Once in several years a trick comes along which is revolutionary in its very concept, and takes the Magic world by storm.  It is a trick which is immediately copied by several dealers, and sells to every magician who sees it.  The Floating Match, originally credited to Ben Harris of Australia is such a trick. … Read more

Airborne Glass – Coke Can Model

This is an amazing, visual, and very off beat magic effect. At any time during his show the performer picks up a can of Coke, Pepsi, or his favourite soda, and an empty clear glass. He begins to pour the drink into the glass, and at some point accidentally leaves the glass in mid air, … Read more