The Blast

The Blast is a magnet fee, non electronic and completely manual product from Magic Mania The easy to use mechanism opens a wide range of possibilities. It can be used in close-up magic, on stage or when you are surrounded by the crowd. It is a practise-free product. The blast can be done on any … Read more

Utility Pen Gimmick

This is a versatile utility gimmick, like the Thumb Tip.  Your audience never see it and are not aware of its existence but it helps you to perform some very effective “impromptu” miracles. It’s use is similar to a Thumb Tip, except that this gimmick gives you a much larger load capacity than a Thumb … Read more

Invisible Thread Loops # 5 – Deluxe

This  is a superior model of our Dream String and will last much longer. If you want to do some “real magic”, then there has not been a finer magician’s gimmick in the last decade than the Elastic Invisible Thread Loop. It is one of the most practical of all invisible thread “systems” – you can wear … Read more

Finger Tip – Latex

Like the Thumb Tip, this is a secret accessory that makes many seemingly impossible miracles possible. Use it to Vanish or Produce a silk. Use it to restore a torn and burnt note. Use it for a “lucky dip” effect.  Dozens of other incredible effects. Made from soft Latex for durability.  Can also be used … Read more

Rose To Silk

Rose to silk 300x300

This is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose in his lapel.  He plucks at the Rose, and it immediately transforms into a silk about 12″ Square.  The performer can simply tuck away the silk, or use it if he wishes for a follow … Read more