Do As I Do Plumes

You invite a volunteer to a game of ‘Do As I Do’. They are given a feather and a tube and instructed to copy your actions, yet when they remove the tube the feather is always facing the wrong way. Kids love a good playful game. As long as you don’t make them look silly … Read more

Multiplying Flower

A quality feather flower trick which is easy to do. The magician walks onto stage holding a flower in his hand. Magically he splits it into two, then 3, then 4 and finally 5 flowers all the same size. This can be used as a quick trick by itself, or for a touch of added … Read more

Flower Wallet (With Flowers)

The performer displays a simple “wallet” or 2 panel folder made of board. He shows the wallet empty, closes it, then opens it again, and two large (spring) flowers appear when the wallet is opened again. The flowers are removed, the wallet closed, and when opened again another two flowers of a different color appear. … Read more

Flowers from Wand in Pot – New

Flower from Wand - New Model

A small, easy to carry (you could carry this in your pocket) visual effect, that makes a big impact. Performer displays a small, empty Flower Pot.  He taps this with his Magic Wand, and instantly a small spray of flowers appears in the Pot. We supply you the small Flower Pot, Wand and Flower Spray. … Read more

Drooping Flower

Drooping Flower

The comedy drooping flower is a very versatile prop and is sure to fit someplace in just about any magician’s routine. The flower can be made to droop in any direction. For example, it can bend towards a lady who is asked to smell it, and bend away when the magi tries. The Drooping Flower … Read more

Cane Plumes

Cane Plumes

If you own a Vanishing Cane and are tired of doing the same old thing with it – this is all you need! Cane Plumes are three large multi color feather plumes that appear when your cane vanishes! This climax is far more dramatic than ending with a small silk or nothing at all. Visible … Read more