Visual Color Changing Plumes – Synthetic

Introducing a new twist on an old classic, the “Color Changing Plumes.” This effect is based on a new principle and offers a visually stunning change. In this trick, a colored synthetic feather plume instantly and visibly changes to a completely different color, without the need for covers, paper tubes, or any other props. The … Read more

Visual Plume to Bouquet – Synthetic

Attention all magicians! Add a touch of magic to your next performance with this synthetic Flower Trick.” This quality trick is easy to do and will leave your audience in awe. With just a simple sweep of your hand, watch as a large, colorful plume transforms into a beautiful bouquet. Whether you’re looking for a … Read more

Flowers From Wand in Pot – Synthetic

This larger stage version of the popular trick is sure to impress and leave your audience in awe. Start by displaying an empty flower pot, then with just a simple tap of your magic wand, watch as a large bunch of beautiful flowers appear before their eyes. Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, these flowers are … Read more

Flower to Bouquet – Synthetic

A quick, simple but very effective magic trick. The performer displays a flower and an empty tube. He passes the flower through the tube to confirm it’s empty. He mutters a few magic words and passes the flower through the tube again. This time it changes into a large bouquet. This is model and is … Read more

Future Fungus – Synthetic

The performer displays a stalk of 6 flowers. 3 yellow on top and 3 red at the bottom. He passes his hand over the stalk, and the flowers arrange themselves in alternating order. He passes his hand over the flowers again and they return to their original order The total length of the stem is … Read more

Flower Spray From Wand in Pot – Synthetic Flowers

A larger stage deluxe version of the very popular Flower from Wand in Pot. Performer displays an empty Flower Pot. He taps this with his Magic Wand, and instantly a large spray of flowers appears in the Pot. We supply you the Flower Pot (4.75 inches in diameter) , Wand (12 inches) and Flower Spray … Read more