New Pigeon thru Glass

The Pigeon Thru Glass is a classic magic prop, where a pigeon, dove, silks or even a spectator’s hand penetrates through a sheet of clear glass. Although our apparatus is designed to look like the original classic prop, the working principle is entirely different. To those who have never seen the item before, it is … Read more

Dove Tray – New Model

This is a production prop for producing a Dove, or a baby Pigeon. Performer shows a tray freely on both sides.  Visibly and in an instant a Dove appears on the tray. If you wish you can transform a Silk into a Dove or a Balloon can be placed on the tray, which bursts with … Read more

Crystal Dove Casket

A Dove visibly appears in a Crystal Casket which the audience can see right through from all sides. Instead of a Dove you could also have the casket visibly fill up with flowers, silks, sponge balls, or any other production items. Obviously, the use of a live Dove is most effective. The apparatus supplied comprises … Read more

Duck Pan 12″ (Various Models)

The Magician shows an empty Pan, and drops a piece of lit cloth or paper inside. The pan is covered, and when it it opened several live Doves or Pigeons or chicken or ducklings, a small Duck or Rabbit, or other similar live stock appears.  This is of course just one possible effect, as the … Read more

Night Club Dove Vanish

A pair of doves, a small rabbit, or other livestock is placed in this handsomely decorated box. The box is taken apart piece by piece to show the livestock has completely vanished. They think it’s in the base, so you fold this flat – the bird is really gone. Made from plywood, attractively painted, this … Read more