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Die Box – Sucker Sliding – Mini

A miniature version of the classic sucker prop, with all the extras of the full size version.  The performer displays a solid die, and a box with two compartments, and doors to each compartment. The die is placed in one compartment, and the doors closed. The box is tilted, and your aidience hear the die […]

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Foo Can – Mini – Stainless Steel

The Foo Can is a utility device which can do with liquids, what a change bag can do with solids. You can use this to vanish a quantity of  liquid, or produce a quantity of liquid, or even change one liquid into another, for example water into wine, or water into milk etc. This Foo […]

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W.I.K.A.W. – Book (What I Know About Women)

A 32 page book, size 3 1/4″ x 5″.  The title speaks for itself and every married man will appreciate the contents! Every inside page is BLANK! On the back cover you read ” ISN’T THIS THE TRUTH ” A nice gag that is cute and funny. Excellent for gifts or give-aways.

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