Vanishing Deck

Asked to perform some magic, the magician takes out a box from his pocket, which houses a deck of cards. The box has a cut out window on top and an opening at one end. The card case is clearly visible through the window and opening of the box. He takes out the card case … Read more

Wonder Die Divination (FT)

A spectator places a die with a freely selected number of spots on top into an examined opaque container, which is closed with a tight press on lid. This is then placed into a second larger examined container which is also closed by the spectator. The spectator then concentrates on the number of spots on … Read more

Zig Zag Card – Bicycle FT

Ever since Robert Harbin introduced the Zig Zag Lady to the magic fraternity, there has been a craze for Zig Zag effects. Over the years we have seen Zig Zag Pencils, Cigarettes, Cards etc. We have sold several varieties of Zig Zag Cards ourselves, made of Board, Sunmica etc. We  have now got a pocket … Read more

Trapezoid Water Vase (FT)

A piece of paper is placed over the mouth of a small vase, filled with water, then turned upside down. The paper and water stays in place. The paper is removed, but the water remains inside the inverted vase. Self contained vase, made in plastic. Nothing to add or steal.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Performer shows a rod with six different coloured gems on it.  There are also six different coloured gems on the opposite side of the rod.  Spectator selects one of the colours.  Performer magically changes all the gems to the selected colour on both sides.You get the rod, specially prepared for the trick. A classic pocket … Read more

Rope With Four Ends

rope with four ends

The magician displays two pieces of Rope. When he stretches his hands, the two pieces magically blend into one long piece. Then the rope is shown to have 3 ends … then four ends. Finally a knot is tied in the middle of the rope, and it is tossed up. The knots have multiplied to … Read more